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The funniest, most lavishly produced book of humor in Alaskan History!  144 full color pages crammed with highlights from shows at The Fly By Night Club!

     There's song lyrics, advertising bloopers, strange Alaskan tales, hilarious photos, and everything you need to produce your own multi-media extravaganza!

This is the book the Alaska Department of Tourism does NOT want you to read!  

     Everything you've seen on The Fly By Night Club stage is in this book:  Spam, duct tape, dancing fish, tacky costumes, ridiculous Alaskan politicians, and of course, the ultimate Alaskan roadhouse--Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn!!  

     Published by Alaska Northwest Books, Alaska Bizarre went out of print when the publisher declared bankruptcy.  Only a handful of copies are left.  Don't miss your last achance ever to read the ultimate Alaskan Humor book!

Publisher's Price  $24.95

Website Price Only $19.95 + S & H

Elvis Presley's Pharmacist Was My

Sunday School Teacher

     Everybody has some connection to fame, and the remoter the better!  This is a collection of hilarious brushes with celebrity status from our customers at The Fly By Night Club, and you couldn't make this stuff up!  For Example:

     " My sister's ex-husband's son's girlfriend is the niece of the Texas governor's chauffeur's landlord."


     "My wife's mother's mother had Bob Dole as her divorce attorney, and she got screwed."

It's a  128 page laugh riot from Mr. Whitekeys

Publisher's Price  $8.95

Website Price Only $4.95 + S & H