For the first time ever, The Whale Fat Follies is now available on DVD.  All your favorites are here:  The Woolly Mammoth, The Reverse Striptease, The Train Song, Don't Let Me Go Alone to Costco, Fishita, and many many more.  Plus, there's the once-in-a-lifetime Bonus Feature of the night when Congressman Don Young attended the show!                                

     It's over 110 minutes of Alaskan comedy, music, and satire filmed live at The Whale Fat Follies Farewell Tour in August, 2019.

     You thoroughly offended your Houseguests from Hell when you brought them to The Follies, so why not repeat the insult by sending them a DVD of the entire performance.  With any luck, they'll never visit you again!


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     Mr. Whitekeys presents The Alaskan DVD the Department of History does NOT want you to see!

    This is the most extravagant historical video ever produced in Alaska with a cast of over 125 people who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

    This is the story of the crusty old Sourdoughs who somehow managed to build the state of Alaska without having any idea whatsoever of what they were doing.  

     It’s a historical epic that completely explains why our state still doesn’t make any sense today!  From the first cavemen crossing the “Bering Sea Land Bridge to Nowhere”,  to Governor Sarah Palin—this is the Real history of the Last Frontier.

$15.00 includes  FREE SHIPPING

ALASKA--The First 10,000 Years  DVD

It's Not Easy Bein' Sleazy  CD

     An incredible selection of the greatest hits from shows at The Fly By Night Club!

     SEVENTEEN hilarious songs with Mr. Whitekeys, Miss Alice Welling, Sourdough Mike, Ed Bourgeois, the Voodoo Viper Horn Section, and gigantic guest stars!

     Includes:  "Viva Spenard,"  "I'm My Own Grandpa."  "Fishita,"  "Jewel,"  "Don't Let Me Go Alone to Costco,"  "El Nino,"  "The History of Cereal," "Schedule D,"  "Martha Stewart Goes Camping,"  "My Favorite Things,"  "The Orange Blossom Special,"  and six more!  Vicious Alaskan satire set to happy toe-tapping music!

The Bluesaholics CD

For the first time in his sleazy career, Mr. Whitekeys has released a Blues and Jazz CD!  The Bluesaholics is a collection of blues, jazz, & Kansas City swing with some New Orleans R & B thrown in for garnish.

     According to Keys, "This is what happens when the cats get together to jam and nobody is looking."  Features Kenny Blackwell on sax, Robert Arms on drums, and Joe Eunice on bass.

     Includes:  "Caledonia,"  "Doo Wah Doo,"  "I'm a Bluesaholic,"  "Early In The Morning,"  "Hey Bartender,"  "Monterey Mist,"  "The Seventh Son," House of Blue Lights."

The Whale Fat Follies  CD

Direct from Spenard, here's more songs from the Big Time Extravaganzas at The Fly By Night Club.

     15 spectacular tunes such as "Spawn Til Ya Die,"  "Little Winnebago,"  "Humpies from Hell,"  "The Fairbanks Blues,"  "The Cordova Outhouse Rag,"  "Scat Singing,"  "Christmas In Spenard,"  "On the Cover of Alaska Man,"  "Ya Gotta Be Tough In Alaska,"  "Johnny Cache,"  & "Where Are They Now?"

     A classic collection of Alaskan Satire.

CDs Only $10.00 + S & H

CDs Only $10.00 + S & H

CDs Only $10.00 + S & H




Elvis Presley's Pharmacist

Was My

Sunday School Teacher

     Everybody has some connection to fame, and the remoter the better!  This is a collection of hilarious brushes with celebrity status from our customers at The Fly By Night Club, and you couldn't make this stuff up!  For Example:

     " My sister's ex-husband's son's girlfriend is the niece of the Texas governor's chauffeur's landlord."


     "My wife's mother's mother had Bob Dole as her divorce attorney, and she got screwed."

It's a  128 page laugh riot from Mr. Whitekeys

Publisher's Price  $8.95

Website Price Only $4.95 + S & H


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