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     Starting in 2007, Mr. Whitekeys' column appeared on the last page of Alaska Magazine.  Writers who appear in other parts of the magazine are expected to adhere to what professional journalists refer to as "the facts."  These ethical restrictions do not apply to the last page of the magazine.

     Mr. Whitekeys was so highly regarded by Alaska Magazine that he was never mentioned at all in any way on their website.

Mr. Whitekeys:

Big-Time Author

     On March 16, 2012, Mr. Whitekeys was Fired....Axed....Let Go....and Given The Boot by Alaska Magazine.

     The email read, "We are here to promote Alaska, but everything about your piece trashes the state we love.  Alaska Magazine's mission is to encourage people to come see Alaska."

     What was in the June 2012 colume that was so offensive?  Keys had taken the latest statistics from The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game for the number of days fished by Alaskan sport fishermen, the number of fish caught, and the amount spent per year on sport fishing.

     The result is that Alaskan anglers statistically catch 1.28 fish per day, and they spend $545.47 for each fish they catch!

     We're sincerely sorry that Alaska Magazine can't handle the statistical truth.